Working with Neurodiversity

Celebrating Each Individual Journey at New England Chiropractic

At New England Chiropractic, we recognise and honor the uniqueness brought into our world through neurodiversity and proudly offer specialised chiropractic care designed to navigate the distinct pathways of those with neurological variations.

Chiropractic Care: A Gentle Approach to Neural Wellness

Understanding neurodiversity entails embracing varied neurological developments and functionalities. Our chiropractic approach seeks to:

  • Enhance Neural Communication: Supporting optimal function and communication within the nervous system.

  • Promote Physical Wellbeing: Addressing physical aspects that may be influenced by neural pathways, such as coordination, balance, and muscle tone.

  • Cultivate a Stress-Free Environment: Creating a supportive, calming environment for individuals and families to feel at ease.

Specialised Techniques Tailored to Neurodiversity

Our chiropractors at New England Chiropractic utilise techniques that are gentle, respectful, and considerate of sensory sensitivities and diverse neural functionality:

    • Sacro Occipital Technique (SOT): Gentle adjustments that prioritise comfort and efficacy, ensuring no overload or stress during the procedure.

    • Diversified Technique: Customised to each individual, ensuring that adjustments are comfortable, supportive, and provided in a reassuring manner.

    • Retained Primitive Reflexes: The persistence of primitive reflexes contributes to issues such as coordination, balance, sensory perceptions, fine motor skills, sleep, immunity, energy levels, impulse control, concentration, and all levels of social, emotional, and academic learning. 

      Understanding and Navigating Neurodiversity Together

      We believe in a collaborative approach, working alongside families and relevant healthcare providers to construct a comprehensive, understanding, and supportive chiropractic care plan.

      • In-depth Consultations: We deeply value understanding the specific journey, preferences, and needs of each individual.

      • Collaborative Planning: Your insights guide our care approach, ensuring that each session is tailor-fit to comfort and efficacy.

      • Adaptive Sessions: Recognising that flexibility is paramount, our sessions adapt to the needs and comforts of the individual at every appointment.

      Advocating for Holistic Wellbeing in Neurodiversity

      New England Chiropractic stands as an advocate for inclusive healthcare and wellbeing, embracing the spectrum of neurodiversity within our community. Our chiropractic care underpins a philosophy that recognises and cherishes each individual’s path, seeking to enhance overall wellbeing and quality of life.

      Join us in a journey where every individual is recognised, celebrated, and supported in a manner that uplifts their unique pathway towards health and wellbeing.