Syntropy Seminar 2024

19th February 2024

This past weekend was a testament to our commitment to excellence as our very own Carissa ventured into the depths of knowledge and skill enhancement at the renowned Syntropy Seminar.

At New England Chiropractic, our journey towards betterment never pauses. We're steadfast in our dedication to not just meet but exceed the expectations of rural healthcare. Our ongoing quest for knowledge ensures that we're always at the forefront, bringing you the latest and most effective chiropractic care.

Carissa, alongside the esteemed Andrew Paul (returning to our clinic in March 2024!) and the amazing Kathy Johansson, immersed herself in advanced techniques to refine her already stellar adjusting skills.

The insights and breakthroughs from this weekend are just the beginning. Carissa has given us a glimpse into the innovative approaches she's now equipped with, and we're buzzing with excitement to introduce these advancements in our care.

Stay tuned as we bring the future of chiropractic care into today's practice. Because at New England Chiropractic, we believe in evolving every day to serve you better.