IN8 Summit 2023 - Melbourne

16th October 2023

Elevating Our Expertise: New England Chiropractic at The IN8 Summit

This past weekend, the team from New England Chiropractic embarked on a journey of learning and connection at the IN8 Summit, held on October 14th & 15th in Geelong, Victoria. The event, renowned for being a melting pot of knowledge, innovation, and community within the chiropractic field, offered us invaluable insights and experiences that we are eager to integrate into our practice.

A Deep Dive into Chiropractic Excellence

The IN8 Summit, with its rich, content-driven, and heart-centered presentations, provided us with a deeper understanding of chiropractic philosophy and science. From exploring seamless staff training techniques and efficient clinic management strategies to diving into enhancing client care and retention, the knowledge we gained was both profound and immediately applicable.

Celebrating Community and Connection

Being part of a global chiropractic community at the summit, connecting with professionals from across five continents, was an enriching experience. The event was not only a platform for learning but also a celebration of the chiropractic community, where we engaged, connected, and shared experiences and insights with fellow practitioners, students, and chiropractic assistants.

Fun, Team Building, and Enrichment

The weekend was a delightful blend of learning and fun, where our team not only absorbed new knowledge but also strengthened our bonds through shared experiences. The lively atmosphere, engaging sessions, and the collective enthusiasm of being amongst a community of like-minded professionals made our time at The IN8 Summit truly memorable.

Bringing Enhanced Expertise to Our Practice

Now, back in Inverell, we are invigorated and inspired to apply our newfound knowledge and insights into our practice at New England Chiropractic. The learnings from the summit have equipped us with innovative approaches and strategies that promise to enhance our service delivery, client care, and overall practice management.

A Commitment to Continuous Growth

Our participation in The IN8 Summit is a reflection of our unwavering commitment to continuous professional development and providing the highest standards of care to our community. We are excited to integrate our learnings into our practice, ensuring that we continue to evolve and provide enriched chiropractic care to our clients.

 We are grateful for the opportunity to have been a part of such an inspiring event and are eager to continue our journey of growth, learning, and service in the field of chiropractic care.