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Elevate Your Chiropractic Journey with New England Chiropractic!

Your Next Chapter Awaits: Are you a chiropractic guru ready to bring your expertise to a place where the community becomes family and every workday feels like a step towards greatness? If you have a passion for healing and a Masters in Chiropractic or an overseas equivalent we’re looking for you!

Your Role:

  • Delight in providing transformative chiropractic care using a symphony of techniques including SOT, Diversified, Thompson, NET and more that bring relief and joy to our clients.
  •  Be the maestro of meticulous clinical notes, ensuring every detail sings to the AHPRA tune.
  •  Collaborate and learn within our vibrant team, where every member plays a vital note in our harmonious healthcare concerto.
  •  Shine with your stellar time management and communication skills, making every client feel like the star of the show.

Sparkling Benefits:

  • Step into the spotlight with a ready-made audience of clients weekly, with a crescendo of new faces eagerly awaiting your magic touch.
  • Ability to earn $150,000+ a year
  • Harmonize with an elite ensemble of experienced practitioners, including a maestro of paediatric chiropractic and SOT savants.
  • Weekly team huddles and training sessions to fine-tune your skills and keep your practice on the cutting edge.
  • Thrive in our serene rural setting, offering a diverse caseload that will challenge, inspire, and grow your healing hands.
  • Enjoy dedicated support staff so you can focus solely on conducting the best patient care.
  • Revel in your personal time with every Monday off – a standing ovation for work-life balance!
  • Practice in a beautifully renovated, light-filled sanctuary right in the heart of town.
  • Seize up to $3,000 in Relocation Grants and up to $10,000 in Scholarships for CPD through the Rural Doctors Network – because we believe in nurturing your talent.

Take the Leap: This is more than a job; it's your chance to become a luminary in the chiropractic field. If you're ready to take center stage and let your skills shine, New England Chiropractic is your arena.

Testimonials from some of our Past Associates and Locums

This was incredibly easy to write because I can't think of any negatives associated with my time at NEC. The principle Chiropractor, Janine, the associates and all of the CA's are a well oiled machine. They're friendly, funny, competent, great communicators and very organised. NEC has created an amazing team culture and community feel and you can feel that energy as soon as you walk into the practice. As a Chiropractor, I had guidance and support whenever I needed it and you don't have to worry about an empty appointment book at all. NEC is a well respected business throughout the whole area and it was a privilege to serve the Inverell community. If you want to learn loads, earn a great income and become the best Chiropractor you can be then NEC is the place to make all of that a reality.
- Anthony Bannister – Locum 2023

As the associates (my husband and I ) devastated to leave this clinic, this is an opportunity of a lifetime not to be missed. You will be supported with a wealth of knowledge and a highly efficient run clinic. Janine and the team make going to work every day enjoyable. Inverell is a beautiful town with a great community. 
A great work life balance in a thriving clinic.
- Sophie Daniels Associate (2018-2023) 

I had an unforgettable experience working at NEC. Even though I was only there for 6 weeks as a locum, I was very tempted to stay on as an associate. This gem of a practice has that effect on you.
Something that stood out to me was that NEC embraced your individuality and nurtured your growth, at your own pace. I loved how everyone was open minded and receptive. It was reiterated that I could adjust however style/technique I liked, “as long as the patient gets better.” This complete autonomy and trust skyrocketed my confidence as a practitioner. 
In my short time at NEC, I felt challenged, inspired and motivated to be the best chiropractor I could be. It’s hard not to, when the whole team around you is so passionate, constantly learning/upskilling and genuinely happy to help one another. 
A quick word about Janine, she is one of the most knowledgeable, down to earth, thoughtful and humble people I have ever met. She works hard to create the best experience for both clients and the team, and always makes time to help you, no matter how busy she is. To say that she would make an amazing mentor and boss is an understatement. 
I learnt so much, had plenty of laughs and connected with extraordinary people. 
I am extremely grateful for my time at NEC, and would return in a heartbeat 😊  
- Sandy Min Ye He – Locum 2023 

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